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Silvia Volpi
architetto | architect
I - 20158 Milano (MI)
via Manzotti 12

phone: +39 02 39 31 12 45
mobile: +39 338 86 63 836
e-mail: s.volpi@4inclusion.eu

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Ms. Volpi was granted her degree in architecture (with a minor in planning) from the Polytechnic of Milan. Her design thesis – Easy Openings, Safe Closures. A system of child-proof closures for liquid pharmaceuticals – dealt with the theme of object-usability for people with both cognitive and hand-manipulation difficulties.

In line with Italian Legislation, she has the qualification to practise the profession of architect and she is a member of the Italian Association of Architects of the Province of Milan.

From 1998 to 2008, Ms. Volpi was a partner in the HBgroup sas, which then became HBgroup Associates Studio.

She is particularly attentive to the theoretical, methodological and empirical tendencies in inclusive-type planning rationales, both European and non-European (Universal Design, Inclusive Design, Design for All, Lifespan Design, etc.)

Through research and inclusive design, she creates architectural and interior solutions that are functional and accessible with respect to the necessities of the greatest number of people possible.

As an assistant, Ms. Volpi has participated in undergraduate and graduate courses, seminars, workshops and lessons.

Since September, 2008, Ms. Volpi has been acting as an outside consultant for the Planning and Maintenance Department of the IRCCS Foundation at the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute.